Urban Food

If you ever find yourself wandering around the Germantown neighborhood, you definitely won’t find a lack of places to grab a bite. You may, however, struggle to find something on the healthy side. Pizza shops, Chinese take-out, and fried chicken chains litter the streets, but finding a place that can offer you a well balanced meal is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Ed's Pizza House on Ogontz Ave.

Ed’s Pizza House on Ogontz Ave.

You can find Ed’s Pizza House on Ogontz Ave. smacked next to a Wing Wong Chinese Restaurant and a fried chicken shack. There is a constant flow of traffic to these restaurants, showing fast-food and take-out are popular choices for the residents of Germantown.

Lunch Truck on Olney Ave.

Lunch Truck on Olney Ave.

A popular lunch option for Philly residents is the infamous food truck. This lunch truck, stationed near La Salle University on Olney Ave., epitomizes everything the lunch truck should be. It’s cheap, it’s quick, and it’s greasy. What more could a person want?

Economic Food Market at 1749 Roselyn Street

Economic Food Market at 1749 Roselyn Street

With the lack of chain grocery stores in the area, plenty of small, independent grocery stores pop up everywhere. The Economic Food Market on Roselyn Street carries all the essential groceries neighbors need so they don’t have to travel too far to get their eggs and milk.

Customers at The Fresh Grocer at the Shoppes at La Salle

Customers at The Fresh Grocer at the Shoppes at La Salle

The Fresh Grocer offers its patrons a wide selection of fresh produce while still offering quick and easy food. Here, customers help themselves to salads and platters made by The Fresh Grocer staff.

*All photos taken with Android.


2 thoughts on “Urban Food

  1. Hey, Amanda. Your photos are all very well framed, and focused. Be sure to keep that up. You’ve peppered in a few cliche statements.. “diamond in the rough” sticks out to me. You can debate about the value of certain cliche statements: the less used, the better in my opinion. Just be aware of cliches like that in general. The formation of your paragraphs are very good. One thing, which, (I’m not sure if you can change,) is the position of this comment box. It took me a minute to find it, and a minute can cost you online. I wouldn’t remove your bio, though, so, just think about that, and whether it bothers you or not. Great job!

  2. I am from the around Philly, Just north in Allentown, so I am no stranger to Philadelphia street food venders but to be honest I have never experienced one as delicious as the Lunch Truck located at Lasalle University. To some outsiders, the lunch trucks may look unsanitary or just generaly unpleasing but I would have to say some of them are the best eats in town!

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